SHOTZ Sports Nutrition


The Shotz Electrolyte Tablet allows you to customise your hydration to suit your needs and alter the volume of fluid you require based on the weather conditions. The sugar free / no calorie formula is available in three flavours in a handy take anywhere tube. It's portable hydration that can adapt to your needs.

With a powdered or ready-made sports drink you are provided a one size fits all product with a preset amount of calories, a preset volume of fluid and a preset electrolyte component. Every athlete is different. We have different sweat rates and we have different sodium concentrations in our sweat. We don't ride the same size bike and we don't wear the same size shoes. Yet most sports nutrition products treat us as if we are all the same.

Shotz Electrolyte Tablets - is a sports drink without the calories, effectively separating hydration from your fuel source. The advantage of this to the athlete, or anyone that sweats, is that you can customise your fluid requirements based on your own sweat rate and the conditions you are competing in. You are no longer locked into a volume of fluid, calories or electrolyte component that is a one size fits all solution.

The main electrolyte in Shotz Electrolyte Tablets is sodium as this is the key and most abundant mineral lost in sweat. Given each athlete has specific needs when addressing sodium loss, the Shotz Electrolyte Tablet allows the athlete to add more tablets to address their own needs and still be palatable.

Remove the calories from your drink. It's the smartest thing you can do to ensure proper hydration



Great tasting, smooth consistency, high energy and fast working. If you are looking for calories that is easy to consume you can't go past the Shotz Energy Gel. Designed to enter the bloodstream at lightning speed to help keep the active muscles energised and your mind on the job.

The objective of an energy gel is to deliver a high amount of calories, in a small volume, as quickly as possible with the least amount of energy required. Shotz Energy Gels are a carbohydrate food in a semi-fluid, liquid gel form that can provide a high calorie component in a small volume.

The Shotz Energy Gels are pre-digested in their manufacture and closely resemble the consistency of chyme (chyme is the semi-fluid form that all solid food is converted into in the stomach during digestion). The energy gel enters the digestive system in a form the stomach already recognises, effectively minimising the energy required to metabolise it. An important consideration when you want every bit of energy to be utilised by the active muscles and not by the digestive system.

The Shotz Energy Gel has been formulated to go down easily on its own or with a small amount of fluid. It has been formulated to have a minimal sensory impact. The formulation is very clean, with a smooth consistency that doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth, or cause irritation to the back of the throat and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste. All crucial factors given emotions and senses are heightened when heart rate is elevated.



If you are looking for a great tasting energy packed snack to keep you going then look no further. The Shotz Energy Bar delivers the perfect answer to those who want to keep pace with the body's fuel needs and to satisfy hunger. Low in fat - Low in refined sugar - high in complex carbohydrates and tastes like real food.

Shotz Energy Bars are a solid food option to the Shotz Energy Gels. With a taste and consistency that is easy to consume even at high heart rate the formulation has been designed to make it much more likely that you'll eat enough to derive the benefits.

The carbohydrate in Shotz Energy Bars provides the fuel to help maintain optimal blood glucose levels and spare glycogen depletion. The low fat, low protein and low refined sugar formulation helps rapid digestion/absorption so fuel can be rapidly and efficiently transported to the muscles.



A recovery alternative to processed powders the Shotz Protein Bar is a rice crisp texture with a no-added sugar choc coating. Very easy to eat and light on the stomach to allow you to still focus on rehydration after those long training days. The three nutrition goals after a training session or event are: rehydrate, refuel and repair. The Shotz Protein Bar is designed to refuel and repair.

REFUEL: Muscle glycogen is the body’s preferred fuel source used during moderate to high intensity exercise. If the body is not provided sufficient carbohydrate post exercise to replenish glycogen stores, subsequent performances may be compromised. Skeletal muscle glycogen can only be restored through the consumption of foods high in carbohydrate, which should be the focus of any athlete that is active over extended periods of time.

REPAIR: Moderate to high intensity exercise causes the breakdown of muscle protein. Post exercise the body is designed to build muscle, which continues for up to 24 hours after exercise. Consuming a protein rich snack within the first hour post exercise increases the protein-building phase. Be mindful though that you need carbohydrate to provide the fuel for protein synthesis.

A Shotz protein Bar is a great alternative to powders when refuelling and repairing post exercise.